Management of the hall

The Hall is a community asset. The Village Hall Committee are the Trustees of this asset – they take on the responsibility for both the maintenance of the Hall and surrounding area and are keen to see a wide range of activities provided at the hall for all the local community.

The Committee

Elected members

  • Merle Lippitt (Secretary/Interim Booking Officer), Tel 01694 771405
  • Liz Welsh, Tel 01694 771796
  • Angela Woodcock, Tel 01694 724528
  • Allan Davies, Tel 01694 771824
  • Chris Beaver (Treasurer), Tel 01694 771421

Representative members

  • Kate Woodcock (Young Farmers), Tel 01694 724528
  • Tom Flashman (Parish Council Representative) 0781 2669826
  • Ann Price (Parochial Church Council) 01694 771636

Co-optative members

  • Chris Hotchkiss, Tel  01694 771253
  • James Griffiths, Tel  01694 771597
  • Grace Sandels Tel 0790 3054577

How the Committee works is set out in a Charity Scheme. We meet approximately every two months and hold an annual general meeting in June to which everyone is welcome. The date and time is published in the parish magazine and on local noticeboards. We have set Financial Procedures which we follow.

Privacy Statement. If you have made a booking with us your name and contact details will be held electronically, and in hard copy form, by our Bookings Officer.  Your name and contact details will be visible to the public through our bookings software, which is on this website on the Whats On page.  This is so our local community can contact you if they are interested in attending your group/event. However, if you wish the group/event to remain private, or do not wish your details to be visible to the public, please inform the Bookings Officer and she will mark your booking as ‘private’ and your details will then not be visible.  If you are responsible for making a payment for the hire of the hall, your name and contact details will be held by our Treasurer.  Generally your contact details will be retained until the accounts for the year in which your booking was made has been signed off.  We are required by the Charity Commission to submit our accounts within 10 months of the end of a given financial year. Our financial year runs from April to March.

Feedback and Concerns Our AGM is not the only way to provide us with feedback or let us know of your concerns. We would like to know if we are doing something right and if we could do something better we would like to know that too. You can:

    • contact any member of the Committee at any time.
    • Leave us a note on the board in the Hall’s entrance area, we will check the board regularly
    • For more serious issues you should be aware of and can follow our Complaints Policy

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